Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween scare!

What would Halloween be without something a little scary? In my case, it's the delay of my new book Desert Magick: Superstitions. Which will not be available for purchase at my November 1st book signing. Talk about scary! I was sooo hoping my publisher would have it ready but it just wasn't to happen. I am disappointed but have been assured I will have it by my next signing, scheduled for November 22nd. What's that saying? Oh, yeah. "Stuff Happens" Well, that's the G-Rated wording.

Ah, well, onto other scary things. Hubby and I have decided to go as vamps for the big day, or rather, night. I even found some really cool Hollywood style pointy-teeth caps that we can wear even when we eat and drink. Can't wait to try them out. I'll try not to stay out too late. Don't want to be bleary-eyed come Saturday morning when I'm greeting readers. For all of you celebrating tomorrow night, have a safe and spooky Halloween!

Happy reading!

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