Thursday, March 20, 2014

For genealogy beginners

Lately, I've had a few people message me about genealogy research and where to start. Ancestry is great but it will cost you, and if don't use it regularly, it's a waste of money. Two of my favorite free sites are and - These sites are great for newbies and those who've been doing their family tree for years, as new records are added all the time. My favorite software to keep generations of information organized is Family Tree Maker. Yes, there are many more genealogy sites and software but these are the ones I recommend for newbies.

Here's a photo I took with my ancestors' gravestone in Ireland. What a fabulous trip!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Abandoned pup melted our hearts.

Early Saturday morning we found a chihuahua puppy shivering and cowering next to our garbage cans and took him in. We then spent an exhausting 3 days making him feel safe and loved, while trying to find the owner. After an extensive search in our neighborhood and online, we came to the conclusion that he was abandoned. We've heard horror stories about animal shelters, so we weren't about to turn him in. The poor little guy had been traumatized enough.

While we were at the vet with him, we met a woman with a chihuahua that had been abandoned at the vet office a few years ago because one of her feet turns in and she didn't qualify as a show dog. This woman took that dog and gave her a forever home, along with another dog. Well, her precious little girl lost her original companion a couple of years ago, and the woman has been looking for a puppy to raise as a new companion. She fell in love with our little rescued guy when she saw him and told us her story.

We got the dogs together Monday afternoon and they absolutely love each other. With our full schedules, he really needs another dog around to keep him company. This woman's dog is happy, well-trained, and well-adjusted, and in a loving environment. And she was thrilled to meet our little guy. We miss him but he's so happy with his new sister that we feel very good about the situation.

Funny, if we hadn't taken our little foundling into the vet when we did, we wouldn't have met this woman, so I believe it was fate that we found the pup and then ran into her. She also has daily access to training and grooming and is eager to get him started. Her latest updates informed us that the two adopted siblings were playing and relaxing with each other, like they'd known each other all their lives, and the little guy had a great first night sleeping in his new forever home. 

We both miss the little guy and get teary-eyed when we see one of many photos we took of him, but he's happy and that makes us happy. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dana's free online newsletter now available for March 2014!

Things are busy for me right now, especially in the publishing industry. Read all about current happenings in my free March 2014 newsletter at

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