Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays from the Valley of the Sun!

Well, this might be my last blog until the new year. I'm taking off a couple of weeks with hubby to play around the Valley of the Sun. Lots of local fun stuff that we never seem to get around to doing.

It's been cold and wet here the past few days. Highs in the 50s and lows near freezing. We don't usually get this cold until January so it's a real treat. And there's more of the wet stuff predicted for next week. We're turning on the fireplace this weekend.

Have a wonderful holiday season. Drink lots of cocoa.

Happy New Year and happy reading!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Desert Magick: Superstitions Available!

Well, after a delay, Desert Magick: Superstitions is now available for purchase! Where:,, as well as many other online book stores now have it. You can also order it from the large brick and mortar stores in your neighborhood, such as Barnes and Noble, Borders, Waldenbooks, etc.... I'm so relieved my publisher got this one out before the holidays. You can always pop over to my website for more info and to watch the video.

So now, I'm on the marketing boat for Desert Magick, in addition to working on other books. I got a little behind on the synopsis for my adult sci-fi but should have the final draft completed by the end of December. That's the goal anyway. Might not complete it since hubby and I are taking off 2 weeks. We plan to stick close to home and do some stuff around the Valley of the Sun, like local museums, movies, hiking, biking, stuff like that. Yeah, I've told you before, writers aren't usually the most exciting people.

I'll post updates on the new teen fantasy ebook as I get them. That one will probably be out in about a year. My publisher for this one (SynerbEbooks) will let me know a publication date as it gets closer.

Meanwhile, I'm reorganizing my office. Hubby bought me a new desk for the holidays and we spent the weekend setting it up. I have more work space and more places to hide stuff. My office seems larger with the new layout too. I'm almost done putting things away. Just a couple more adjustments and I'll be done! Well, that's it for now. Get out there and finish your shopping.

Happy reading!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Buy Local Week in Phoenix!

Well, I just heard that the mayor of Phoenix has declared Dec. 8-14, 2008 Buy Local Week. So get out there and spend money in your community. Hubby and I will be purchasing the masa for our holiday green corn tamales this week. Tamales are a holiday staple around these parts. If you don't want to, or are just too darned busy to make your own, check out the local stores and farmers' markets. They usually carry several varieties.

On the publishing front, Desert Magick: Superstitions is getting closer to being available for purchase. Thanks so much for your patience this last month. I should receive my sample copy for approval in a few days. If it looks good, then we're set. Check back for more info.

Happy reading!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Desert Magick Update

Well, I promised to keep readers apprised of Desert Magick Superstitions. It went to print yesterday. So, there is still hope it will be available for purchase before the holidays. Check back here or on my website for more news.

And congrats to my brother, who's work is being published again in his university magazine. You go, bro!

Happy reading!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Winter in the Valley of the Sun

I hope those of you in the U.S. had a nice Thanksgiving. Unfortunately for my family, my grandmother died the day before Thanksgiving. She was in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's and I think was ready to leave this existence. That day was also my nephew's birthday, the first after his recent death, so we had a bit of an emotional weekend. This has been a trying year for my family but we're doing well and looking forward to the new year.

Desert Magick: Superstitions has had a delay in publishing, as I'm sure most of you who've been following my blog already know. The publisher made a few mistakes so we're working to get those fixed before it goes to print. Yeah, it happens and I just have to roll with it. For those of you who have been inquiring, I will post as soon as the book is available for purchase. I hope those who took the National Novel Writing Month challenge at least got a good start on your novel. I finished editing two last month--is it December already?-- and got several chapters written on a first draft. I feel good about that.

I'm also feeling good about the weather. It's finally winter in the Valley of the Sun and time to break out those sweaters and jackets. And by that, I mean highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. Those of you in snow country are probably laughing your butts off right about now. But hey, when you get 7 months of 100 plus degrees, 70 is darn cold! We love it and are outside in droves walking and biking, grateful to be able to flaunt those colorful exercise pants we bought three months ago but couldn't wear and thankful they still fit after all that food we just ate. Now, where is that last slice of pumpkin pie?

Happy reading!

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