Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My writing career so far

Being an author is a 2nd career for me (starting the fall of 1998) and every few years I like to look back at my writing accomplishments. This helps me focus on what I still need and/or want to do in the future.

Here's where I am so far - Several short stories and articles published, 14 novels written, 11 of those published (some are now 2nd editions), book 12 about to be published, book 13 set for publication next year, and a previously published book scheduled for a 2nd edition release. Not to mention the countless hours of marketing, speaking engagements, interviews, and book signings. And I can't forget the notebooks full of rejection letters. Those are accomplishments, too.

The perfectionist type A personality in me wanted to achieve a lot more in that time, but the realist in me has to remember this is a tough business and I have accomplished quite a lot. Now, if I can just get that movie deal... ;)


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