Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This old house is starting to feel like home.

We're very happy to be back home in sunny SoCal. It's been 2 1/2 weeks since we moved into our new "this old house" and we're finally starting to settle in. Got most of the rooms organized and all the blinds hung so no more paper shades. Gardeners come tomorrow to cut the weeds, um, I mean grass, since hubby's out of commission with a hernia. Yeah, he got that from lifting heavy boxes during the move and is scheduled for surgery in late November. At least he'll be good to go in the new year. Thankfully, we got the heavy stuff done before it happened.

To top off the fun, hubby's company did a re-org and they're no longer keeping him on for another year, as they originally planned. He's getting laid off right before New Years. We always plan ahead for rainy days like this but the timing really sucks with the new house and all. Plus, we couldn't get out of our rental lease so unless the manager gets another tenant in soon, we're paying the equivalent of 2 mortgages until February.

We still have a few minor repairs to do with the house but everything else we had planned will have to wait until hubby lands another job. Authors like me don't make the big bucks so we'll be tightening our belts until then.

Meanwhile, we're enjoying all the flowers that are in bloom and have been visiting with family and friends. Hubby can't walk to the beach in his condition right now, but we can always drive the 2 miles to sit on the sand and just enjoy the waves. That costs nothing.

Happy Halloween! Stay safe!

Monday, October 15, 2012

We Did It - Got Our LA Home!

Well, hubby and I made it into our new "this old house" over the weekend and have met five neighbors already. They all seem very nice and one gave us a welcome plant with beautiful yellow flowers. Of course, now we have a gazillion boxes all over the house and I've lost count of how many bruises I have from running into stuff. I hope to get back to a regular writing schedule soon, but I just can't stand messes so I plan to get as much unpacked as I possibly can this week.

I love my new office, too. Nice big window and a fireplace. The fireplace needs repair so we can't use it for an actual fire, yet. But I intend to put several battery-operated candles in it for ambiance until the budget allows us to fix it.

I started putting up Halloween decorations immediately. Like you didn't guess that already. My favorite holiday in my favorite state - beautiful and sunny SoCal. I couldn't ask for anything better. Been a long, hard 20 year road to get where we are today but we finally did it.

Keep on dreaming. But more important, get planning for your dreams and you'll eventually get there. Now, I'm off to enjoy those ocean breezes.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The big move!

Hubby and I are preparing for the move to our new "this old house" here in LA and I hope to get back to my regular writing schedule soon. Just about done with repairs and most of the decorative items have been moved already. Still have some clothes and dishes to haul over there. We're letting the movers take the big stuff on Saturday. They've got all those big muscles and everything. The new place is 2 miles from the beach, something we've been working toward for 20 years, so we're beyond excited that it's finally happening.

I'm also excited because my new house has a Bewitched-style front door. I'm trying to talk hubby into painting it green. =D

My new door!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Spooktacular guest blog and contest today!

My Halloween Spooktacular guest blog and contest is up! Today only, so hurry on over for some spooky reads and a chance to win a free copy of Desert Magick: Phoenix Lights (Bk 4)

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