Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

eBooks, great for the sight impaired, too!

Ever since I was a little girl and saw my first rerun of Star Trek, I wanted a tablet that would store all kinds of books and other stuff. When hubby bought me a Nook a few years ago, I felt like I was in one of those episodes. It was awesome! No more driving to bookstores and wading through the usually skimpy fantasy/sci-fi sections. No ordering online and waiting for books to be shipped, not to mention shipping costs that some places charge.  I love the convenience and instant gratification of eBooks. It's also a great way to discover new writers and I've added several to my reading lists over the past few years. When I find a book I want to read, I can pay and download it in minutes from either my eReader or my computer. Many times I can find a book I want for under $5 and can store hundreds of them on my devices. Hubby and I loved the Nook so much that we bought a Kindle so we wouldn't have to take turns reading. Not only can we read eBooks on our Kindle but we can also surf the web, play games, watch videos and listen to music. We also have the free apps on our phones so we can read anywhere, like waiting at the dentist or the airport.

But there's another bonus I've found with eReaders. One that I think outweighs all the others. My mother, an avid reader, began losing her sight a few years ago due to complications from a childhood disease and is now permanently sight-impaired. In order to read paperbacks, she has to use a magnifying glass, which is awkward and tedious, or spend extra money on large print books, which sometimes cost double the paperback price, or buy whatever limited stock the local library has on sale. She can't read on her computer because of the eye strain it causes her. So last year, we bought my parents a Kindle. I can still remember the elation on my mom's face when she realized she could read any book she wanted just by making the font size larger. I was thrilled to see her so excited about reading again. Not only can she read any eBook, she can now read mine, something she wasn't able to do before she got her Kindle.

eBooks and readers have opened up a whole new world for readers, but I'm especially excited for those with visual problems, like my mother. I'm also excited that she finally gets to read my work, something I thought she would never get a chance to do.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Looking to add to your end-of-year donations? Todd Davis Memorial Scholarship

Looking to add to your end-of-year donations? 

My seventeen-year-old nephew died in 2008 from injuries he sustained in an automobile accident with an impaired driver. My brother and his wife have set up a college scholarship in his memory if you wish to donate. Anything is appreciated and is tax deductible.

Todd Davis Memorial Scholarship
The Todd Davis Memorial Scholarship is open to all University of Houston—Clear Lake (UHCL) students who have volunteered their time at UHCL for leadership events.

There are three ways in which you can donate:

1. under the “give to UHCL” tab. Just be sure and select “scholarships” in the gift designation box and write “For the Todd Davis Memorial Scholarship” in the memo box just above the “Personal Information” section on the page.
2. or you may call Kim Herhold at UHCL at 281-283-2036 and pay by credit card over the telephone. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted.
3. or you may mail your check to: UHCL, Office of University Advancement, Attn: Kim Herhold, 2700 Bay Area Blvd., Box 318, Houston, TX 77058
Note: please write “Todd Davis Memorial Scholarship” in the memo section of your check. And please check with your employer’s HR department to see if they participate in a matching gift program. 

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