Monday, July 22, 2013

This beach bum is loving the LA summer!

Most of you probably read about the big move we did last year, coming back home to LA from Phoenix. It was very stressful, but this week we've been home an entire year. I can't believe it's been that long already. We finally got all the repairs to our "this old house" finished. The only thing left now is the bathroom reno, which will wait until spring when hubby gets his bonus. What, you thought authors made a butt-load of money? That's a good one!  ;)

While I love being home, having the beach nearby, and visiting with family and friends anytime we decide to get together, I miss certain things about the desert. I miss the open desert, the saguaro, and the trails we had near our home there. I miss the mountains.  I miss the monsoon storms and the wildlife. Well, some of it. I don't miss scorpions or rattlesnakes. Phoenix is way less crowded than LA, that's for sure, and traffic is always heavier here. And here in LA, we stand in line for just about everything. But there's one thing I don't miss about Phoenix. At all. The blistering summers.

Summer desert days can reach close to 120 degrees. Here at the coast, a hot day is one that gets in the mid 80s. And we usually stay in the mid 70s during the summer months. So, while my friends are sweltering in Arizona, ducking from the car to the house or grocery store or swimming pool to try and stay out of the heat, we have our windows open and a cool, ocean breeze. We don't even have air conditioning here. Shocked? Well, don't be. It's just how we beach bums roll.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Phoenix Lights on sale and free newsletter available!

Two things for this week.

Desert Magick: Phoenix Lights (Bk 3) eBook is on sale for just $1.98 at SynergEbooks! Limited time only!

My July 2013 newsletter is now available

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