Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Battlestar Galactica - frakking great show!

Well, hubby and I watched the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica over the weekend and we're both sad to see it go. It was one frakking great show, as I'm sure those of you out there who are fans will attest. One hot and adventurous sci-fi series with some great writing and fantastic special effects. I hope the sci-fi channel can come up with another series just at good in the near future. We'll be watching.

Meanwhile, it's back to work on the Desert Magick series, as well as submitting another of my sci-fi books for publication. I'm on hubby's computer this morning as he's in my office telecommuting to France. Poor guy's been up since midnight. But he'll be off soon for a nap and I'll have my office back.

I also finally picked up a copy of Acorna, the Unicorn Girl by Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball and am enjoying it. What did you think, we writers read our own stuff for entertainment? No way! First chance I get, I pick up somebody else's book. I usually read three or more at one time. Only three lately, as I'm frakking busy.

Happy reading!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fountain Hills Book Festival

Thanks to everyone who came out the Fountain Hills Book Festival on Saturday. It was a pleasure to meet with you and sign your books. I really appreciate your coming out and supporting all the local writers and the library. The weather was perfect, if a bit windy at times, but that's FH for you. And the green geyser in honor of St Paddy's Day just added to the friendly ambiance of the day.

I'm back to work today. Doing final edit on 3rd book in trilogy so I can get it to my publisher by the end of the week. Then back to Desert Magick series. We're supposed to hit the 90s by the weekend so get out there and enjoy the cool weather while you can.

Happy reading!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Book Festival and St Paddy's Day fun!

I'm gearing up for the Fountain Hills Book Festival on the 14th. If you're in the Phoenix area, please drop by and say howdie. I'll be signing copies of Desert Magick Superstitions, as well as my award-winning teen novel The Mask of Tamirella, at Gridley's booth just outside the library. And there will be lots and lots of books, as well as speakers and refreshments. A great day for anyone who loves reading and/or writing. Lots of fun in the sun!

And I believe the St Paddy's Day fair is going on near the geyser that same day. I'm thinking I'll wear something green. Well, my eyes are green, so I already have a built-in "Don't pinch me!" excuse. I used it all during school. Hope to see you there.

Well, off to finish up some writing chores.

Happy reading!

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