Friday, January 17, 2014

Just for fun! You know you're a short woman when...

Yeah, I'm short. Just thought I'd have a little fun today. Enjoy!

You know you're a short woman when...

1.       You have a step stool in your kitchen so you can reach the cabinets above the counters.
2.       You can’t reach the top kitchen shelves with your step stool so you climb onto the countertops.
3.       You get to a parade the day before so you can get in the first row, otherwise you won’t see anything.
4.       You have a step stool beside your bed because the new mattress set needs those “deep pocket” sheets.
5.       You have to extend the pull chains on all the ceiling fans.
6.       You had no idea the top of the fridge got dusty because you never see it.
7.       You have to climb onto the countertop to clean the top of the fridge.
8.       Foods go bad on the top shelf of the fridge because you’re too lazy to get the step ladder and see what’s there.
9.       You hate shoe sales because your smaller size is always sold out – to those elementary and middle school girls who want to look grown-up.
10.   You always factor in tailoring costs when buying clothes not listed as petite.
11.   When you don’t feel like visiting the tailor, you just buy regular Capri pants because they reach your ankles just fine.
12.   When you’re with your taller friends, it takes a while for people to notice you.
13.   At least once in your adult life, you’ve been mistaken for someone’s kid.
14.   You get carded long after age 21.
15.   Others get cool nicknames like Rocky – Yours include, elf, short stuff, mini-me, little bit, Short Round…
16.   Five pounds on your tall friends is negligible. Five pounds on you means you have to go up another pants size.
17.   You learned that getting patted on the head was just some tall person’s reflexes at work. They just can’t help it.
18.   When someone tells you to watch your head, you just ignore them and walk right under whatever is hanging down.
19.   You visit an elementary school and all the 5th graders can look you in the eye.

20.   You love when screen actresses are short. Finally, you have a Hollywood mentor!

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