Friday, July 24, 2015

My introverted life

Writers tend to be introverts and I'm no exception. 

In my introverted life, I…

1. Prefer to go someplace else if a restaurant insists on table-sharing with strangers

2. Will wait for a booth against the wall, instead of taking the table in the center of the restaurant that is immediately available

3. Will wait for the next elevator because someone is using this one

4. Always scope out the far wall/corner spot when I have to be in a crowded room

5. Love being alone with my thoughts and working from home

6. Have just a few close friends

7. Have to call on my acting training to venture out in public

8. Am exhausted after being around a lot of people

9. Need serious alone time after speaking engagements/performances (I’m talking days)

10. Don’t enjoy talking on the phone or answering the door

11. Have to quell my annoyance when strangers want to chat, especially when traveling

12. Prefer traveling to places where the people are long dead (Ruins, yea!)

13. Love books more than people (Yeah, I went there)

14. Dread the words: block party and pot luck

15. Wholly believe awesome nightlife consists of me, hubs, and a scrabble board or a good book/movie

Anyone relate?

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