Saturday, February 24, 2018

Meniere's Disease Warrior

It takes a lot to rattle me when it comes to my disease because it's so damned predictable. Ear fullness and loud tinnitus before an attack, vertigo during an attack, balance issues and brain fog after an attack. But this latest was as severe as the first year I had vertigo and it scared the hell out of me. If I had been living alone, instead of having a wonderful husband in the house, I would have been stranded in bed for 2 days without even being able to use a phone to call for help. As it was, I could barely make it to the bathroom by myself to puke my brains out. Thank goodness for walls and trash cans.

The attacks are supposed to get less severe as the years pass, which they have until now, so I think something else was influencing this latest one. Maybe I picked up bug when I was out among people. Maybe I'm going bilateral - I truly hope not because one bad ear ruining my life is enough. Maybe it was all the excess stress I've had the past few months. Whatever caused it, I truly hope I never have severe vertigo again. Ever. And I plan to live at least into my 80's. #meniere'swarrior

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