Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You Know You're a Desert Dweller When...

Summer solstice is a week away and I’m feeling a little goofy from the heat, so I thought I’d share a little Arizona desert fun with you.

You know you’re a desert dweller when…

  1. You keep a pair of oven mitts in your car for summer driving.
  2. A summer cold front means the temperature will drop below 110 degrees and it’s time to fire up the barby!
  3. When house hunting, you ask, “How big a pool does it have?”
  4. You pause during your walk to let a scorpion cross the sidewalk in front of you.
  5. A run to the corner store in summer means taking a water bottle for the ½ mile drive and the a/c finally cools off the car just as you park.
  6. A ten foot scrawny tree equals – shade, baby!
  7. You drive around a parking lot for fifteen minutes in summer just to get a spot under a ten foot scrawny tree. Score!
  8. Dressing up in summer means choosing what color shorts to wear with which pair of sandals.
  9. You own more sandals than any other type of shoes.
  10. The first crash of monsoon thunder sends you scrambling to the window with excitement and high-fiving your office buds.
  11. Summer betting involves how far away the lightening is and which golf course it just struck.
  12. You pass three golf courses on your five mile drive from home to work.
  13. Driving the freeway safely involves physics equations and a heck of lot of luck.
  14. The phrase “Snowbirds are back in town” sends you into a panic because you’ll have to allow an extra fifteen minutes to get anywhere until summer arrives again.
  15. You see a cloud in the sky and wonder if it’s monsoon season.
  16. You have at least three bottles of sun screen near the door year round.
  17. Winter means you get to use the 30 spf sunscreen instead of the 50.
  18. You see someone without sunglasses and know they’re from out of town.
  19. You hear someone pronounce saguaro with the g sound and know they’re from out of town.
  20. The temperature drops below 75 degrees and you get excited because it’s jacket weather.


Teresa Cypher said...

:-) Oy! A lot of things I had not thought of. I know some are exaggerations...but I suspect that many are based on truth :-)

Dana's Blah Blah Blog said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Teresa. Now, I'm off to the store for more sunscreen. Where did I put those darn oven mitts? =D

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